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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a One-Time Password (OTP)?

A One-Time Password (OTP) is a code that is valid for only one login session, on a computer system or other digital device. For instance; an SMS message sent to your phone, or a temporary password generated by an application on your smartphone. An OTP can be used as an additional security code to log in to an application or a system, in addition to the password you normally use to log in. It is comparable with installing a second lock on your front door to better secure your home.

An OTP enables Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is a security method that strengthens the access to an application and is used to verify a user’s identity for a login. MFA requires the user to provide two or more independent factors: something you know (such as a password), something you own (such as a mobile phone) and something you "are" (such as a fingerprint scan or other type of biometrics).

Within Ahold Delhaize, we use Multi-Factor Authentication with two factors:
  • The first factor is a username or User ID (PNL) and password, which is known to the user.
  • The second factor is provided through a "One-Time Password", which will be delivered to the user's mobile device in the form of a six-digit code. The user can choose to receive a One-Time Password to their mobile device via an SMS or via an application that generates codes.
Important: MFA is only required if you want to log in (e.g. to an application) when you are not connected to the Ahold Delhaize (company) network or a VPN. For more information, see "When do I need a One-Time Password?".

Why is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) necessary?

Multi-Factor Authentication is required for the following reasons:
  • Digital attackers and hackers keep getting smarter, so our systems and applications need an extra layer of security to protect sensitive data. MFA helps safeguard access against malicious entities by strengthening and maintaining the high-level security that is required for accessing our systems and applications with sensitive data.
  • To comply with the regulations and policies of Ahold Delhaize.

Why are One-Time Passwords important?

Key to One-Time Passwords is that they can only be used once as they are generated each time you log in. This prevents someone from looking over your shoulder and trying to use it later. Even if that person knows your password (first factor), they can’t log in without a One-Time password (second factor).

Why do I need to use a mobile phone to receive One-Time Passwords?

One-Time Passwords will be delivered through a mobile phone, because your mobile phone serves as a second factor. A mobile phone is something you own and therefore counts as an extra factor to verify your identity. You will have to register your mobile phone number to receive an OTP.

When do I need to log in with a One-Time Password?

Normally you log in to an application using your username or User ID (PNL) and password. However, in some situations, you also need to log in with an OTP (a second factor). You only need to log in with an OTP when you log in to an application from outside the Ahold Delhaize (company) network. To clarify, you won’t have to use an OTP when you are connected to the company network, either directly or by setting up a VPN connection.

In addition, Multi-Factor Authentication is required when an application contains sensitive data. In other words, when an application contains sensitive data and you access an application from outside the company network, there is a possibility that you need an OTP to log in.

How can I receive my One-Time Passwords?

  1. Register for MFA once with your mobile phone via this link, so a six-digit One-Time Password code can be send to you. Note: You need to be connected to the Ahold Delhaize (company) network, either directly or via a VPN, to register for OTP. If that is not possible, please contact your contact person (the one who gave them their User ID and password) or the local IT helpdesk.
  2. You can choose between two One-Time Password (OTP) receiving methods:
    • Mobile App Code: an OTP will be generated by an OTP application on your smartphone. This is the primary choice for all associates. For the OTP application we recommend, go to "Which OTP application can I use?".
    • SMS to mobile: an OTP will be sent via an SMS to your mobile phone. With this code received through a text message you can complete the authentication procedure.
    We recommend choosing the Mobile App Code method as it is the most secure option.

Do I have to register each time I have to use One-Time Passwords to log in to an application?

The MFA registration is a one-time registration. This means that when you have registered once (e.g. to use MFA for the application Coupa), you don’t have to register again. It will work for all company applications that us MFA or will be in the future.

Can I change my One-Time Password receiving method?

You are able to switch the preferred OTP method manually. To change the desired OTP method, you don't have to be connected to the Ahold Delhaize (company) network.

What are the requirements of my mobile phone?

If you choose for the Mobile App Code method to generate One-Time Passwords, your mobile phone must meet the following requirements:
  • your mobile phone is a smartphone and runs on iOS (version 10+) or Android (version 5+);
  • is able to install a One-Time Password (OTP) application on your mobile device (see "Which OTP application can I use?");
  • has a working camera.
If you do not have a mobile device capable of installing an application, your OTP can still be offered through the use of SMS delivery. It does require you to register your mobile phone number.

Which OTP application can I use?

There are different OTP applications you can use. The application we recommend is IBM Verify. You can find the app by looking for the of the app in your application store on your smartphone. Click here, for more information about IBM Verify. Note: IBM Verify supports Apple devices that run IOS Version 10.0.0 or later (e.g. iPhone 5 and later) and Android devices that run Lollipop or later (e.g. version 5.0 or later).

During the OTP registration process: Why do I go to an "SMS page" when I select Mobile App Code?

When registering for the first time, you will always receive an SMS if you have entered your mobile phone number on the page before, even if you have selected Mobile App Code. This is done to verify your mobile phone number, so that your number can be used as a back-up delivery method in the future. After you have confirmed your number, you will be asked to scan and enter the Mobile App Code.

How can I update my mobile phone number to receive One-Time Passwords?

You can update your mobile phone number via this link.

How fast will I be able to receive a One-Time Password via SMS?

You should receive an One-Time Password within few seconds to your registered mobile phone number. When the One-Time Password is delivered through an SMS, it is dependent on the mobile operator's network and traffic condition.